COLIN Hendry’s presence in Blackburn Rovers’ Austrian training camp surely suggests ‘Braveheart’ will be on the Ewood Park staff for the forthcoming Champion-ship season.

In typical Venky’s fashion, the appointment has yet to be finalised as the owners drag their heels on rubber stamping Hendry’s position. It does seem another example of ‘Venky’s time’.

It should be only a matter of time before Hendry’s arrival is formalised though and I can already imagine the mixed response the return of a club legend will get.

There is no doubt, by accepting a job on the coaching staff, Hendry will be jeopardising his status among some Blackburn Rovers’ fans.

There are still a lot of supporters who don’t trust anything about the regime and will see Hendry’s appointment as an attempt by under fire boss Steve Kean to ingratiate him with the Ewood faithful. You can understand the cynicism as well.

I don’t see why Hendry’s imminent appointment automatic-ally has to be linked with all the negatives going on around the club at the moment though.

If Hendry had been appointed before the Venky’s regime, you could be assured the majority of Rovers would have welcomed his introduction on to the coaching staff.

We are talking about a Rovers legend. One of the best defenders ever to have played for the club, a player who helped Rovers.

Too often in the past, Rovers have ignored former players when it comes to the coaching staff.

I’m not saying Hendry is the answer. After all, his managerial record is not the best while he has been out of the game for a while now. It will be interesting to see how he gets on.

One thing is for sure, Rovers could do with some help defensively after last season.

Hopefully Hendry can help make the team tougher to beat.

I don’t hold with the view that Hendry has become a ‘traitor’ because he has agreed to work for Blackburn Rovers. Take away who the owners and the manager is, Hendry has been offered a job in the game he loves at the club he loves. Why would he turn that down?

This appointment should be the start of a new chapter for him.

Whether it works or not only time will tell. But surely it is only fair to give him a chance?