Blackburn Rovers are the only club in all four English divisions to not have next campaign’s season tickets now on sale - as fans continue to get turned away from purchasing one.

After the early bird deadline expired at the end of April, Rovers fans have been left in the dark about the new price structure with season tickets not on sale to anyone, almost a month since their Premier League relegation.

Rovers have told the Lancashire Telegraph there is no set date for the new prices to be revealed and frustrated supporters are angry the plans for next season have yet to be unveiled.

A number of supporters have contacted us over the last week complaining about being turned away from their efforts to purchase a season ticket for the new Championship campaign.

It is understand a little more than 5000 fans committed to renewing for next season under the early bird prices, which were available from March 22 to April 30, although the amount who carried this commitment through is unknown.

Since the close of the deadline, Rovers fans have been unable to snap up a ticket for next season, with pre season starting in less than a month.

When the Lancashire Telegraph contacted Rovers’ ticket office we were told: “Season tickets are not on sale and no prices have been released yet. We can’t tell you more than that. Try again in a couple of weeks”

Season tickets were put on sale last season just two days after the campaign finished, while a year before that they could be purchased on April 1 and in 2009 they went on sale on May 21.

The club are fearing a mass exodus from Ewood Park next season anyway, due to increasing anger at owners Venky’s and manager Steve Kean, on top of Premier League relegation.

Now, with fans being told they can’t buy a season ticket for next season, Rovers fans and former players are urging the club to ‘sort it out’.

John Wareing, secretary of the Blackburn Rovers fans forum, said: “It is very late now. The club was always going to wait until they knew what league we were going to be in before announcing the new prices but I didn’t expect it to be this long.

“The sooner they go on sale the better. I’m not sure they will be getting great demand for them anyway but it makes sense to have them on sale rather than not.”

Wayne Wild, director of club sponsor WEC and behind the Blackburn Rovers Supporters Investment Trusts’ efforts to bring the club under community ownership, was also concerned.

He said: “Of course they should be on sale, it is the fundamentals of running a football club. To not be able to buy a season ticket is frustratingly unbelievable.

“It is not just season tickets we are talking about here. They are not speaking to any of the corporate tables or boxes either. Things like this should have been sorted a long time ago.”

Former Rovers striker Simon Garner, said: “It just doesn’t make sense to me. Fair enough waiting until they knew what league they were going to be in, but not this long.

“I’m not sure many fans would want to get a season ticket anyway because of the way the club is being run. But to turn anyone away who wants to buy one just does not make business sense.

“It is just another sign of the chaos at the club. If they announce higher prices, when they do finally announce them, it would be a disaster for them.”

A club spokesman, said: “Discussions are ongoing with the owners about the season tickets.”

Meanwhile former Ewood favourite Colin Hendry is expected to hold talks with boss Steve Kean over a possible role at the club next week.