GLAD that made eve-rything clearer then. Or maybe not.

You wouldn’t have thought it would be possible for a football club owner to make a public statement and for the supporters to be in even more confusion than they were before.

Well, that is what has happened with Venkatesh Rao’s Sky Sports interview about Blackburn Rovers.

By saying nothing though, Rao’s vague interview told us ever-ything. It basically admitted the club has no clear direction.

His refusal to publicly back Steve Kean was the biggest proof yet that no final decision has been made on the under fire manager’s future.

The only real positive to come out of that for a lot of Rovers fans is that Kean’s position appears far from safe. They say it’s the hope that kills you though.

The Lancashire Telegraph has been reporting for weeks now that there is a split within the club about the way forward and surely this bizarre interview backs that up.

The frightening thing is he suggested it could take a month to ‘rectify’ things. The season starts in less than three.

How hard can it be to either back or sack a manager and get on with planning for the season? The uncertainty surrounding the club at the moment is absolutely ridiculous.

I’m not going to pretend I still think Steve Kean should still be the manager. Everyone knows I don’t and that is based on results, his record in the transfer market and his public statements.

It would appear the majority of fans and even a lot within the club agree the best way forward is without Kean at the helm. It would take a brave man to suggest otherwise.

But, if the owners want him, that is their prerogative and we will have to get on with it and hope he somehow performs the miracle and proves us all wrong. Granted, that looks an impossible task. For them not to know is crazy.

At the moment, everyone is in limbo. The fans, the players, board members and even the manager. This is just unacceptable, and some ask why the club has become a laughing stock.

What self-respecting player would even consider joining Rovers at the moment?

No wonder the likes of Junior Hoilett (pictured) and Steven Nzonzi will be catching the first train out of here.

In all the chaos, it appears that Venky’s have forgotten this is the supporters’ club. Without them, they are flogging a dead horse and the longer this farce continues the more they are disenfranchising the fans.

How can the owners not know what they are going to do yet? It is not as though relegation has come as a surprise to any of us is it?

The longer they dally and the longer they stay in the “process of thinking”, the more disastrous next season is already looking. You can’t help wondering what can be so difficult?

Make your mind up on the manager – one who has taken the club to relegation – and then appoint a chairman and get on with it.

The longer the confusion reigns the more proof we are all getting – not that we need any – that Venky’s have little clue what they are doing at the moment.

Maybe they are best concentrating on their poultry empire and selling the club to someone who might be able to add some stability again.

Venkatesh Rao said all they wanted was to make the supporters happy. There is one swift and decisive move that would go some way to doing that.

This is all just an insult to the Ewood Park faithful.