PETER Jones has one piece of advice to this year’s senior sports personality of the year award winner – have a speech ready!

The world class masters swimmer isn’t usually one to be caught offguard, but for once, he was left speechless...literally!

“It was a great honour and I was gobsmacked really,” said Jones who is a multiple British Masters champion, has two national records and also finished in fourth place in the World Masters Long Course Championships.

“It was a wonderful evening and a great awards ceremony – apart from having to make a speech! It was difficult to think of what to say as I was put on the spot.

“So my advice to anyone who might have a chance of winning this year is to have a few words ready just in case.”

A back injury has restricted Peter’s pool time this year – but he is still ranked in the top 10 in the world in a number of events.

“I thought it was a wonderful evening and the awards are a great idea,” added Jones who is a member of Clitheroe Dolphins Swimming Club.

“It was great to see so many people together from lots of different sports and hearing about their stories and their successes.”