ONCE again Venky’s have got it horribly wrong. Just when there are signs that someone in the Blackburn Rovers hierarchy did actually know what he was doing, it looks like he has had to leave.

Going on the past 18 months I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

Paul Hunt’s believed exit yesterday morning wasn’t a shock, after Tuesday’s leaked letter left him in an embarrassing position, but he had only written what everyone else had been saying.

I don’t actually know what he has done wrong. Everything said in the letter, maybe apart from his promotion, was spot on.

The owners are the ones with questions to answer for not listening to him.

Hunt merely advised the owners.

He told them they needed to invest, they needed to sack Kean and they needed to trust their executive.

What has he done wrong?

The fact Venky’s are not prepared to listen to this advice shows they are not the right owners for Blackburn Rovers.

They aren’t the right owners for any football club.

The first person they should have been asking to leave was manager Steve Kean, who has failed miserably in his job. Yesterday’s chaos just summed up the disgrace of a club that Rovers have become.

We heard the suggestion that Hunt had gone as early as 9.30am, but Rovers had still not confirmed the news last night.

The club was not being difficult, it was purely because no-one at Ewood Park had a clue what was going on.

They were as much in the dark as anyone else.

All yesterday has shown is highlight Hunt was right when he appealed for Venky’s to start trusting their executive.

At the moment the club is absolutely rudderless.

Just who is running this club now?

The more you look at it, the more it seems only Steve Kean and Anuradha Desai have any clue about what is going on at the football club.

You just hope it wasn’t a case of Hunt or Kean who had to go.

I see how their relationship had become untenable, but surely the wrong one has gone?

Hunt showed in his letter he did know what was needed to attempt to turn things around, he was ignored. Kean has shown no sign of that and he gets praised.

Ultimately, Hunt will surely be better off for an Ewood exit.

He will know though deep down there is no recovery under Venky’s.

Will the last one out turn off the lights.