EVEN the most rose-tinted of Blackburn Rovers’ fans would have to admit things don’t look good with regards to the club’s Premier League future.

Steve Kean’s men have just lost five games on the bounce, three of which have been in dire circumstances, while the ‘Gael Givet saga’ has done little to generate belief that Rovers can pull off a miraculous great escape.

If football was logical you would have to say ‘it is all over’, with the proverbial fat lady warming up her vocal chords. Fortunately for Rovers, football has no logic.

And that is why I am unashamedly saying relegation does not have to be a certainty.

Look at the great escapes of the past and you will see teams have got out of deeper trouble than Rovers are currently in.

We all know Kean has done little to justify the faith Venky’s have in him as manager, we all know our absent owners have been nothing short of shocking. But while there is life there is hope.

I’m sure I will get hammered in some quarters for saying this but we all have to retain some belief that Junior Hoilett, Yakubu and co are still capable of pulling off the miracle – despite the farce that has been going on behind the scenes.

At 3pm on Saturday we all have to be with the 11 players who go out on to that football pitch, whoever they are, and forget – for 90 minutes at least – what a mess the current regime have made of things.

The supporters have been incredibly patient in very testing times and, while the club has lost most of the pride it used to have, for the majority of fans that has remained intact.

The sense of resignation among large sections after Saturday’s dismal defeat is understandable.

But there are still four games to go.

Safety can still be achieved and while that hope, albeit faint, exists, we can’t give up.

Few can now be left in no doubt that things are deeply wrong at the football club.

There is no organi-sation, no structure, no communication and seemingly no plan.

Conspiracy theories and rumours of financial problems abound as to why Rovers have been allowed to get themselves in this position. The simple truth is they have so far come up short in just about every area.

From the manager and the owners to the players, pretty much everything has been wrong ever since the club was taken over some 18 months ago.

It stemmed from bad advice and just gathered speed.

There is little sign that these are the right people to take Rovers forward but that has to wait to the end of the season.

For the moment we have our Premier League lives to fight for.

Venky’s have yet to show they are prepared to fight for the football club but let’s show against Norwich on Saturday that the fans, the lifeblood of the club, aren’t ready to give up quite so easily.