IT has now become pretty obvious that Blackburn Rovers fans don’t have a future of big money signings to look forward to under owners Venky’s.

Forget the early promises and naive predictions of the arrival of big name players that have haunted the Venky’s regime ever since, Rovers will continue to be run on a tight budget as the owners look for the club to run on a self-sufficient basis.

It has to be said there is nothing wrong with this approach.

If Venky’s had not upped everyone’s expectations in the first place, then this was all Rovers fans would have expected anyway.

It would be nice if, in the summer, they admit their mistakes and make public a more realistic vision, based on prudence and sense.

I won’t hold my breath.

Obviously the priority at the moment is just to keep their Premier League status, a task that was made more difficult by Tuesday night’s dramatic 3-2 loss at home to Liverpool.

But, for the long term, a lack of significant money does not necessarily mean Rovers only have constant relegation scraps to look forward to. Rovers fans distressed by their own club’s freefall over the past 18 months can surely take solace from the performance of the likes of Norwich, Swansea City and even Newcastle United this season.

The Swans and the Canaries have equipped themselves admirably in their first season in the top flight without spending much money, while Newcastle have put themselves in contention for a Champions League spot, again without spending bucket loads.

All it needs is a bit of wisdom in the transfer market, a well run football club from top to bottom and obviously a manager capable of getting the most out of his playing squad.

Rovers supporters aren’t happy with their lot in life at the moment and so they shouldn’t be.

Just because they haven’t spent loads of money does not mean they have to accept scrapping around at the bottom.

This football club has enjoyed a golden era of punching above their weight.

They have defied the financial odds through a real knowledge of football throughout the club.

That is what we want this summer.

Rovers fans aren’t expecting the world – they never were. What they are expecting is a return to the days when they were able to be proud of their club.

Hopefully Venky’s know now that money is not the be all and end all.

It is their total commitment and understanding that we are really asking for.

It was good to see the Rao brothers present at Tuesday’s home match against Liverpool, and that is a step in the right direction.

To continue to show they are in it for the long term, they must be a more regular presence at games.

And if they do get a Premier League second chance – or third – it is vital they start listening and take it.