WHEN Chris Samba initially told the world he wanted to leave Blackburn Rovers, the overriding feeling among the Ewood Park faithful was one of understanding and sympathy. Most wished him all the best.

No-one can argue with the defender’s arguments here, after all he was not the only person who was told by Venky’s of their grand ambitions and bold plans. None of which have even come close to becoming reality.

Why shouldn’t ‘Big Chris’ look to fulfil his ambitions elsewhere? He has given the club years of good service, having joined from Hertha Berlin for just £400,000. He had the public on his side.

His recent behaviour though, culminating in yesterday’s staged interview in a national newspaper, has crossed the line. All the sympathy people had for him is surely quickly disappearing.

To supposedly state he is not “100 per cent” for Rovers any more is a disgusting comment from a man who is on a weekly wage the majority of us could only ever dream of.

You would imagine Samba’s transfer value is actually plummeting every day his childish antics continue. What top club would really want a player behaving like he is?

I get his grudge with the owners, of course I do.

But in not being prepared to give his all for the club who pay his wages, he is disrespecting his team-mates, his manager and more importantly the supporters who have idolised him.

The fact is Samba did sign a new contract with Rovers committing himself to the summer of 2015 less than a year ago. Yes, maybe it was on false pretences a little bit but did any of us really believe Rovers would be pushing for the Champions League?

It should be remembered he was already contracted to the club until 2014 before his latest deal was signed last February.

Why did he sign his new one?

You would imagine a nice pay rise would have had something to do with it.

If Samba was sceptical about Venky’s when they first came in, I’m not sure really sure why things changed.

The last January window certainly didn’t fill most with confidence about a brighter future. If there was even the slightest doubt nagging away at him, that new contract should not have signed.

The problem now is what happens next? Do Rovers hold firm in their stance that the player is going nowhere or do they move him out of the club?

At the moment there is only one answer. They have to keep him because no-one is prepared to pay the money Rovers think he is worth, they never have been.

Perhaps Samba needs to think about that. Why is it that top clubs have never been prepared to take the gamble on him?

If a £10m plus offer comes in then I would sell him and use that cash to bring a top class centre midfielder. If it doesn’t, then make him train with the reserves and let him think about what he has just done.

Talk about a difference in two supposed professionals. Jason Roberts refused to say a bad word about Rovers upon his exit, despite being frozen out through no fault of his own, while Samba does this when he is being very nicely looked after.