Blackburn Rovers fans who have been protesting are being accused of not supporting their football team, that does not have to be case.

I fully understand why some supporters feel the need to protest before and after matches, and agree there are huge concerns at the club at the moment that need to be addressed. It is right these issues are not allowed to be swept under the carpet.

The rest of the footballing world has made its mind up about Rovers’ fans actions as they all continue to frown upon the actions. They can think what they like, anyone with club at heart knows there are real problems here at the moment.

All I would say is wouldn’t it be great if all the understandable negativity is kept away from the actual game? For 90 minutes, Rovers’ players need their fans more than ever - like they did against Stoke.

The players are doing their best to get the club out of this mess but there is no doubt they have been badly let down by a lack of investment and by some questionable buys.

Forget Steve Kean, forget Venky’s and forget the shambles each and every one of you has had to put up with for the past 13 months. The club is bigger than any individual.

Blackburn Rovers is your football club and it will be long after Kean and Venky’s have long departed. That is why everyone has the right to protest whenever they want.

All I am saying is I’m not sure any protests during the match are doing anyone any good. Venky’s clearly aren’t listening.

For the most part, I believe Ewood Park has done its best to get behind the players in what are very, very difficult circumstances. Whatever anyone says, Rovers fans are a knowledgeable group rightly proud of the club’s tradition.

There is no way I would ask anyone to blindly support the club and ignore what is happening off the field. Why should you? It would be worrying if you were.

I also think any suggestions that Rovers fans have been out of order are horribly false. Liverpool and Manchester United protested about their owners and were hailed as heroes by many. What is the difference?

I believe every Rovers fan goes to Ewood wanting their team to win and set out with the intention of cheering their players to victory. I understand it is hard when things go against you every week.

Perhaps this is the time though for a concerted effort to keep those concerns away from the game. It does not mean you are supporting what is going on, it means you are all showing yourself to be bigger than those at the club contributing to the Blackburn Rovers farce.

If Rovers do go a goal down against Fulham on Saturday, it would be very easy to boo and start venting your anger at the obvious problems that exist in the club.

Leave that until afterwards though and just do everything you can to help a young and inexperienced group of players out of trouble.

Venky’s and Kean show no signs of being able to guide the team out of the relegation zone so maybe now is the time for fan power to. It might not make any difference but at least you will know you tried.