STEVE Kean’s agent has questioned the motives behind the protests at Blackburn Rovers and has suggested the fans involved are not “true supporters”.

Jerome Anderson has caused fury among Rovers supporters after asking “are there other things going on that we are not aware of?” regarding the protests against Kean and owners Venky’s.

As he attempted to defend the role he and Kean have played at the club, Anderson hit out at sections of the club’s supporters who have been demanding the removal of the manager and the owners.

With protests expected to restart for Saturday’s crucial Premier League visit of Fulham, including a 24-hour protest the day before, Kean’s agent wonders whether there are darker forces behind the organised protests.

Anderson also claimed he and his family have been targeted, including son and Rovers player Myles Anderson, but vehemently denied he engineered either Kean’s appointment as manager or Venky’s arrival as owners.

He told Sky Sports: “QPR have only got three more points than Blackburn and watching Sky Sports on Sunday it was almost as though most fans are absolutely disgusted with the fact that Neil Warnock has been sacked.

“In a similar situation you don’t see any acrimony towards Owen Coyle at Bolton or at Wigan. You ask yourself are these people at Blackburn really supporters of the football club?

“Are there other things going on that we are not aware of? Are there groups of people that say they are supporters but actually don’t want Venky’s to succeed for whatever reason or for the manager to succeed?

“Because normal fans, I am proud to be one, all you ever want to do is support your manager and support your team.

“Yes, if results are disappointing, yes if the team is not performing to their best of their ability or giving you value, which no-one can ever, ever accuse any of the players of not doing during a difficult start to the season, you can understand that.

“But what the world of football can’t understand is where is this coming from? It does seem to be well organised and from people who say they are supporters but who are hell bent on making sure Venky’s are not successful as owners and Steve Kean is not a successful manager.”

Rovers entertain Fulham on Saturday rock bottom of the Premier League having been in free fall ever since Venky’s took the club over a little more than a year ago.

Anderson though, who got emotional as he described the ‘vitriolic’ abuse aimed at his son Myles, remains adamant Kean is a “fantastic, positive manager” and believes if the fans stop protesting Premier League survival can be achieved.

“He is a proud man with incredible integrity and humility,” said Anderson of Kean.

“No-one can ever question the passion and commitment that has been shown by the players in an effort to help Blackburn stay in the Premier League.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the supporters really got behind the manager, really got behind the team? Sometimes supporters forget these are young man. They need your support.

“To go on to the football pitch with fear is the worst thing you can do. That is why some of the best results have been away from home.

“The abuse Steve has received and the abuse the players has received does not help anyone. Please get behind the boys and I am sure they will stay in the Premier League.”

The Lancashire Telegraph’s website has received scores of comments about Anderson’s interview, with almost all of them angry at his claims.

Councillor Kate Hollern, Leader of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, has also criticised the comments.

She said: “There are no ulterior motives or dark forces at work.

“Fans are simply just rightly frustrated and angry at how the club is currently being run. We simply want greater transparency from the owners, better communication, a visible presence from them in Blackburn and proper leadership to sort this mess out.

“This is not just about results on the pitch. Blackburn Rovers FC are at the heart of the local community. The club is vital to the area’s well being. We are just concerned that their future is safeguarded.”