THIS may sound controversial to some but Blackburn Rovers’ best, and only, chance of staying in the Premier League lies with their owners Venky’s.

Yes, their first 12 months in charge of the football club has been an unmitigated disaster and there are few signs of things improving.

But if they don’t improve we might as well all start planning for trips to Doncaster, Bristol City and Burnley now.

All these calls for ‘Venky’s out’ are understandable – as the calls for Steve Kean out are – but if the Indian poultry farmers take them to heart then Rovers are left up the creek without a paddle.

We need them to come to Ewood Park, start seriously planning for January and, more important than anything, invest significant cash into the transfer pot to give Steve Kean’s men a chance of surviving in the Premier League.

Would you do that when you have thousands screaming abuse at you every time you show your face? Most people would certainly think twice.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the anger, I get the concern and I get the frustration. We are all feeling it at the moment.

But, with little more than a fortnight left before the window opens, there is no white knight ready to ride into town in time to solve these current woes.

The reason why Rovers are where they are is a combination of lack of investment in the squad in the summer and some very poor signings. Venky’s and boss Steve Kean have to take equal responsibility for that if the claims all signings were the managers are to be believed.

Venky’s have already backed their manager vocally but they need to back him with cash now and if they don’t then their commitment to this club is there for all to see.

It is obvious there are discussions going on with Barclays Bank, although predictions of financial armageddon seem way over the top, but if Venky’s are as wealthy as they claim to be start putting your own money into this mess.

They need to know a football club in the Championship would be almost worthless to them.

At the moment it is like a stand-off, with the owners in India – after a bad experience at Wigan – and the supporters here.

We need them here and we need them doing what they shuld have done a long time ago, and that is leading from the front.

I’m not asking anyone to cheer manically the next time they see either of the Rao brothers or Anuradha Desai, I’m just echoing yesterday’s call for a truce to give them the chance to sort things out.

If they decide not to take this ‘last chance’ then that is up to them. But at least we would have tried.