IT WAS a day for the all-Comers when Tower Shukokai Club held its fourth annual championships.

For brothers Sam and Ben - who recently earned their black belts - won their respective classes to make it a family double.

It was a fitting way to celebrate their latest achievement, especially as both boys had featured in every championship since their in auguration in 2006.

Sam, 13, took on 12-year-old Lydon Hulley in the junior boys kumite (one-on-one sparring) and still riding high from his black belt, Sam got the judges decision.

The event was fought in two pools with James Foggo and Lewis Campbell-Smith taking joint bronze.

In the adult, kumite, the older Comer, Ben 14, was up against Bolton GP Richard Swann.

And not to be outdone by his younger brother, Ben was victorious.

The youngest age group - the five to seven-year-old mixed kumite - was the first event and competitors showed remarkable skill despite only practising karate for a matter of months.

The final was between five-year-old Benjamin Breakspere and Sophie Pilkington, seven, and it was Sophie who took the title.

Abigail Kehoe, six, and Angus McIver, five, shared bronze.

The junior kata class was the biggest with players aged five to 12 taking part.

Competitors was judged on performance according to age and ability. The title finally went to Abigail Kehoe, six, with Angus McIver taking silver for his second medal of the day. Amy McDougall, six, and newly promoted brown belt 12-year-old James Foggo shared bronze.

The female kumite final, was between good friend Imogen Skipper, 14 and Molly Nelligan, 13, with both competing with vigour and passion with Skipper getting the decision.

Bronze went to black belt Katie Keppie.

Imogen, along with Irvin Dickinson, then shared bronze in the senior kata.

The event was organised by Martyn Skipper - who was also head referee - and assisted by Andy Allwood, Ian Marsden, Katie Keppie and Richard Swann.