DEAR Mrs Desai, I am again writing to you in the hope a number of issues can be clarified.

While we have no doubt Venky’s have Blackburn Rovers’ best interests at heart, the lack of communication from the club is causing confusion, mass speculation and unfounded rumours – leaving supporters increasingly frustrated and angry.

The Lancashire Telegraph, a newspaper at the heart of Blackburn’s community, has continually attempted to bridge the apparent gap between the club and the fans by asking the questions supporters have been posing.

But the lack of response from those with the knowledge has been consistent.

We are asking for a suitable system to be put in place where there is somebody with the power to address any issues that arise at the club.

The atmosphere around Ewood Park at the moment is horrible.

Fans are turning on fans and a lot of the mounting frustration is being taken out on manager Steve Kean – and even the team.

Some of the behaviour has undoubtedly been unacceptable but the situation will only escalate the longer the proud people of Blackburn are kept in the dark about what is happening at THEIR football club.

The mood on match days is not conducive to producing results and the pressure being put on Steve Kean’s shoulders due to a lack of a public figure at Ewood Park is ridiculous.

There are so many questions that need answers to at the moment but it appears no-one at Ewood Park is either able, or willing, to answer them. The club resembles a ship without a captain at the moment.

I do not need to tell you how important Premier League football is to Blackburn Rovers.

Relegation could be the end of the club as we know it, with all the financial ramifications it will bring.

It is not only the club, though. The town as a whole would suffer enormously.

Premier League football has put Blackburn on the map and, without it, the economy would take a sharp nosedive.

The club and the town needs everyone pulling in the same direction to get out of this mess and, while I have no doubt Venky’s want what we all do, the huge uncertainty surrounding the club is not helping.

Here are just a few of the key issues Blackburn Rovers fans are needing answers to.

  • Venky’s initially promised ‘a significant transfer budget’ but we have yet to see this. Have circumstances changed or is money there to be ploughed in?
  • Why is the club running with no chairman or chief executive at Ewood Park?
  • Are SEM and Kentaro still involved in advising you? If they aren’t, who is?

    * Can you ease fans’ concerns that the club’s borrowing could land them in financial trouble in the future?

    * There has been interest from potential buyers. Have you been aware of such interest and are you adamant you will not be selling?

    I am including this as an open letter in the Lancashire Telegraph so the supporters can see the issues are being raised.

    We await your reply with interest.

    Yours sincerely, Andy Cryer, Sports Editor, Lancashire Telegraph.