AS a respected archery coach, Norman Suchorzewski knows all too well about hitting targets – but his latest aim could be far more trickier.

With London 2012 less than 12 months away, Suchorzewski has been charged with finding the Olympians of the future.

It’s a tough task for the chairman of Pendle and Samlesbury Bowmen but he is determined to hit the bullseye.

“If I could find one archer who would perhaps go on and represent their country at a future Olympics then I would be an extremely happy man,” said Suchorzewsk.

“It won’t be an overnight thing. We’re not talking next year. We’re looking at perhaps the 2020 Olympics.”

Suchorzewski has been selected by Archery GB – the sport’s governing body – as the regional talented identifi-cation coach for Lancashire and the North West. “My role is to find the next generation of Olympic and world class archers and coach them to a standard to where they are good enough to play at county and national standard,” added Suchorzewski.

“The popularity of archery is growing all the time and my aim is to identify youngsters good enough to attend one of several academies being set up across the country.”

Despite the increased popularity, Suchorzewski knows it will be a slow process, introducing a sport to youngsters who have, probably in all truth, have had to connection with it in the past.

But having only taken up the sport himself five years ago, he knows all too well what can be achieved with hard work.

He has already begun a beginners course at Shadsworth Sport Centre in Blackburn while 16 schools have been contacted in East Lancashire to see it they are interested in taster sessions – and perhaps something more permanent.

“Although there are several excellent junior archers in Lancashire there are not enough entering sport and showing the determination required to create a great enough pool to choose from.

“We are currently losing out on a great opportunity to have Lancastrians representing our country in world class archery.”

Suchorzewski, who is currently working towards his county coaching qualific-ations, is trying to encourage schools to take up the sport and introduce it as part of their curriculum.

Accrington Academy has so far taken up the challenge and Suchorzewski is hoping this will lead to other schools.

“We are under no illusions of the task we have ahead. It is a great, traditional sport to be involved and we would love to see more schools take it up.

“We’re willing to go in and hold a few taster sessions and take it from there. It is a sport everyone can take up. So perhaps where there may be youngsters who are not particularly good or interested in the team sports or those more physically challenging, archery then is another option for them.”

He added: “We have been running the beginners course at Shadsworth Leisure Centre for a few weeks now and those youngsters who have come along have really enjoyed it.

“But it would be great to see more coming along.”

Should Suchorzewski’s vision go to plan, he is hoping to see some of those who take up the sport show progress from beginners to the recently formed performance squad which is based at Warrington Collegiate and ultimately on to a podium squad.

“If I was to leave a legacy I would love to be instrumental in seeing archery being taught in schools,” he added.

“I would like to see it as one of the main sports, for it to be widely used in the GCSE curriculum and BTEC in Sport qualifications.

“And of course, I would to see one of my young athletes standing proudly on the podium receiving a medal at one of the Olympic games.”

n For for details about Archery or how to join the beginners course, email or log on to the club website