THE time has come for Venky’s to act.

With Ewood Park turning against Steve Kean in such an ugly fashion as they did on Saturday, Rovers’ owners have got no more time to hesitate.

It seems the popular decision among many would be to sack Kean and bring in a new manager but, with Venky’s adamant their man is staying, they desperately need another plan of attack.

The words director of football normally sends a shudder down the spine and brings to mind numerous failed attempts to bring the ‘foreign touch’ to the English Premier League.

Times are desperate in East Lancashire and maybe, just maybe, the introduction of an experienced old head to help with Kean’s managerial education would be enough to revive flagging fortunes.

Things just can’t go on as they are. No human being deserves the vitriol that was thrown at Kean from the stands on Saturday but, after seeing their club in danger of plummeting into the Championship, you can fully understand the fans’ anger.

Whether Kean can now win those supporters back around looks highly doubtful but the addition of a mentor alongside him might be enough to appease the baying crowds.

I know most people will just say why not sack him? After all a record of six wins in 28 games in charge is a sack-able offence for any football manager.

But Venky’s continue to show admirable loyalty to their man and, if they stay on that tack, which I think they will, they need to find another solution to get Rovers back on track and to get the supporters back on side.

I know Rovers have already got a sporting director at the club, in Simon Hunt. From what I understand though Hunt plays more of a scouting role at the club – leaving Kean very much isolated at the head of all things football.

The appointment of a Martin O’Neill or a Rafa Benitez as a ‘director of football’ could just prove Kean’s saviour.

Experience is crucial in football and, at the moment, Kean nor his backroom staff has any.

In truth it was an impossible ask for Kean and I don’t see how he can continue with the power structure at the club the way it is.

Would Kean’s pride take the appointment of someone above him? I don’t know. But these are the questions Venky’s have to be asking in India this week.

If there is no change at all you fear relegation is more than a possibility, so the next appointment Venky’s make has to be the right man.

I’m not even sure whether a new management structure would appease some supporters but relationships like this have worked abroad and makes sense.

After all you can be assured the majority of the players want Kean to stay. So this arrangement could keep the continuity while giving Kean that extra little bit of help.