VENKY’S have taken their fair share of stick since taking control at Balckburn Rovers, from the fans, the outside footballing world and in my own column inches.

I stand by the criticisms I have thrown at them over the months but there are small signs they are starting to realise ‘communication is the key’.

After spending the majority of their reign going about their business secretly, Venky’s look as though they are in danger of finally learning how to run a football club.

The offer to fly nine fans over to India to meet them next month has to be applauded, although whether the event turns into anything other than a PR stunt remains to be seen, while their prompt statements were timely with speculation mounting about Steve Kean’s future.

Anyone doubting the passion of Venkatesh and Balaji Rao towards this proud football club would surely think again if they saw their reactions to Rovers’ thrilling 4-3 win over Arsenal on Saturday.

Fists clenched and a warm embrace between the brothers showed how much they have been caught by the footballing bug.

We all know their transfer promises have not yet come to fruition. They still brought in more money than they spent this summer, leaving us all wondering quite how they intend to one day reach the promised land of the Champions League.

To be fair though, their transfer activity was not insignificant and Rovers were probably busier than they would have been under the Walker Trust’s control.

Venky’s still have so much to learn but there is no doubt they have a willingness to do so. They know mistakes have been made but if they learn lessons from the past, then that may not be a bad thing.

Steve Kean has also been busy with a charm offensive launched after his reputation hit rock bottom.

The Rovers boss has gone out of his way to make himself available to the media, and even fans who are against him, as he bids to turn around public opinion.

Saturday’s protest against the manager was ill-timed and not helpful ahead of a huge Premier League encounter. But you can see where they were coming from.

Kean’s record as boss of Blackburn Rovers has been poor so far and the majority of other owners would have pulled the trigger by now.

The fact Venky’s haven’t is to their credit. For so long now people in football have been complaining that managers don’t get enough time these days. Well, Steve Kean certainly can’t have that complaint.

The self-congratulatory comments that have been coming from the club may yet be a little premature, after all one swallow does not make a summer.

But if this is the start of things to come then we all have a lot to look forward to. The talk is comforting but at the end of day the regime will only ever be judged on results.

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