I HAVE been inundated with messages from angry and concerned Blackburn Rovers fans this week – and looking at what has gone on since Venky’s took control you can’t blame them.

The good name of Blackburn Rovers has become a laughing stock around the country after months of broken promises and bold predictions, leaving the Ewood faithful increasingly despondent and uncertain about the future.

It is all very well for the national press to treat it as a joke; after all it will be another club’s problem tomorrow.

But what about the life-long supporters who are really hurting at the moment? Perhaps it is time to show some feeling for them.

Hopefully, in a week’s time, everyone will have been proved wrong.

After all, there is time yet for Venky’s to spend those millions of pounds they were promising on players who will improve the squad.

Something drastic needs to change because the weeks of procrastination, wild promises and blind optimism are frankly all getting a little bit boring.

We will only truly know what the future has in store once the transfer window slams shut at midnight on Wednesday and it would not be fair to judge until then.

But from that moment on, the excuses have to stop from the owners, from Steve Kean and whoever else continues to tell us to look on the bright side around Ewood Park. (Not that there are many people left there any more).

They have told us to judge them at the end of August and there are thousands of people waiting to do just that.

If things don’t change it is going to get very ugly.

There are so many rumours going around at the moment it is difficult for some to separate fact from fiction.

However, the real facts still make for concerning reading.

* We were told Rovers were no longer a selling club. Why then have the club raised more money than they have spent this summer?

* We were told Venky’s would protect the traditions of the club. Why then have they allowed so many people to depart over the last few months?

* We were told the Champions League was the target in three or four seasons time. Why then have Rovers started the season so badly?

The questions will continue to be asked but whether we get the answers is a different matter at the moment.

With days left of the window, though, Venky’s have to back their man or else they are leaving Kean a dead man walking.

At the moment it is mission impossible for him and that is due to a lack of investment, leadership and knowledge from the club’s owners.

I honestly believe Venky’s have got nothing but good intentions.

But, if they don’t quickly bring in someone who knows the game to run the club from the very top, their regime is doomed to failure.

All the fans want is a bit of openness and clarity. At the moment the lifeblood of the club are being ignored and there is only so long they will put up with it.

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