AFTER all their bold statements and summer assurances Venky’s quite simply have to splash the cash over the next few weeks.

Time after time, Blackburn Rovers’ owners have denied claims their available transfer funds have dried up with boss Steve Kean himself adamant he has a sizeable budget at his disposal.

That is all good news and they are right to ask for patience – after all the season is still almost three weeks away so there is time to made the additions that are necessary.

Make three or four solid signings and things suddenly look rosy again. I can understand the growing concerns but it all can change that quickly – especially in this summer’s sluggish transfer market.

If Rovers remain in a similar position when the transfer window slams shut then there is no excuse at all and Venky’s surely know that.

August is going to prove a pivotal time for the club’s future.

They have said the Phil Jones money is available to spend – albeit only the first instalment – while they have also said there was a healthy budget before this. I look forward to seeing some of it being spent.

Their interest in Serbian midfielder Radosav Petrovic looks like a step in the right direction. He is a powerful player who, at a cost of around £3million, would represent sound business.

I’m not sure anyone expects them to go round chasing top stars for huge money.

But what is expected is for them to make decent investments on players who are going to make the team better.

A few signings of players of the calibre of Petrovic would certainly raise the confidence about the coming season – although you get the feeling a bit more money might need to be paid to get that natural born goal scorer they are looking for.

Venky’s perhaps didn’t do themselves any favours in their early days in charge with claims of Champions League football and their pursuit of big name stars.

Since then their aims do appear to have become more realistic and that is reassuring to hear. Now is the time to start delivering on their promises though because time is running out to be ready for the Premier League kick off.

The majority of Rovers fans are prepared to give their owners the chance to prove themselves, despite the continuous rumours doing the rounds about them, but patience will be wearing thin if things don’t move in the next few weeks.

I am glad Rovers want to get value for money but there will come a time when they have to bite the bullet and commit funds for new players – and that time is fast approaching.