THE time has come for Venky’s to start talking to Blackburn Rovers fans before they lose the support of the Ewood Park faithful once and for all.

Rovers fans have been growing understandably concerned by the lack of transfer activity this summer – after bold promises of a healthy transfer budget – and yesterday’s call for patience just doesn’t cut it.

Rovers travel to India tomorrow before carrying on to Hong Kong and, at the moment, their squad remains severely depleted. Recruitment is only going to become harder once they are on their travels.

The facts of the matter are Rovers need three to four new signings and Steve Kean has been working hard to deliver just that.

Venky’s have promised Kean would have the £16.5million from the Phil Jones transfer to spend, plus a healthy kitty on top, and until we are told otherwise we have to believe that is still the case.

So what exactly is the hold up? Kean wants Hugo Pavone and the Argentine wants to come. It is the same situation with Cedric Mongongu and yet neither look anywhere nearer to completing what should be simple deals.

The burden of responsibility on Kean’s shoulders at the moment is ridiculous. He has no chief executive, no chairman and is being relied on to convey Venky’s messages all by himself – he is even short of medical staff.

If the owners are struggling to conclude deals then, fine, that is understandable and they probably aren’t the only ones, but at least say that.

In the current confusion, it is no wonder Kean is staying quiet.

He is probably as bewildered as the rest of us as to what the club’s unpredictable owners are thinking.

They have given him his chance in top flight management but at the moment they are asking him to perform miracles. It is not fair on him – he needs back up.

Having just about stayed up last season, Rovers have since lost Jermaine Jones, Roque Santa Cruz, Mame Biram Diouf and Phil Jones – while just completing the signing of the inexperienced Myles Anderson, which had been arranged in January.

Rovers do have some very good youngsters coming through the ranks but to expect them to carry the club single handedly next season would be footballing suicide.

Kean knows that, the fans know that but fingers crossed Venky’s realise the harsh realities of Premier League football as well.

Officials still left at Ewood Park are doing their best to answer the countless questions but we have to come to the point where Venky’s themselves have to stand up and be counted. They can’t continue to hide behind the skeleton Rovers staff.

It has to be remembered a lot of rumours have absolutely no substance. Some fans were convinced the club were for sale the other week, only for a club statement to vehemently deny it.

Yesterday’s reports that Venky’s have frozen transfer funds until they pay money back to the bank are not new rumours, they have been doing the rounds for a while now and, for the moment, have no hard facts to them.

Rovers’ vague board reply in an official statement yesterday did little to ease concerns though, leaving more questions than answers, while the continual silence of Mrs Desai or the Rao brothers hardly helps either.

There is nothing sinister in the fact Rovers have not signed anyone yet alone, but the huge frustration and confusion surrounding Ewood at the moment merits real answers from the owners.

Fingers crossed the rumours are false, fingers crossed Venky’s are just waiting for the right players and fingers crossed Rovers will be able to enjoy a good season next time around.

They aren’t far off having a more than competitive squad but, without the addition of three or four players, you can’t help but fear another long season will be ahead.

If Venky’s don’t want to talk publicly then they need to employ someone experienced who will – similar to John Williams’ old role – because at the moment too much is being asked of Kean and his staff at Ewood.

The fans deserve, no need, a club voice and they need it quickly.