WHAT is it about the football silly season that sends your average, sensible person into a nervous wreck, as they gorge on every single bit of speculation about their club?

Fiction can easily be turned into fact at this time of the summer, as the national tabloids feed on the fans’ hunger for transfer activity by linking every player under the sun with a move to their club.

Rovers have been easy targets so far this summer with almost 50 different players now supposed to be moving to Ewood Park.

It is no wonder some fans are growing increasingly impatient.

What has to be remembered is not all these players are targets, have never been targets and probably never will be targets.

Rovers haven’t failed in all these moves this summer – they are simply biding their time.

Don’t get me wrong, Steve Kean is having a tough time trying to get the right faces in for the start of the campaign, but he isn’t the only one.

I’m sure every other Premier League manager would say the same thing.

How many top flight clubs have actually made any significant signings this summer so far?

Sunderland, Liverpool and Manchester United maybe.

An increasing number of fans have complained to me either through email, phone calls or Twitter that Venky’s are guilty of sending out mixed messages about their transfer budget and about their summer targets.

Venky’s have been guilty of a few things since taking over, and a lack of communication has been one of them, but they have said nothing since the end of the season that has been contradicted.

In fact, having been burned by some strange early statements, Venky’s have hardly said anything.

Kean has said Rovers will have a very healthy transfer budget this summer but that is as far it goes.

They haven’t put a price on it publicly and have never suggested £50million will be available – despite claims from outside.

It is very easy to get caught up in the speculation.

Read all the reports and anyone would think Rovers are expecting wholesale changes this summer, rather than the three or four signings they will make in reality.

There is still more than a month remaining for Rovers to get their squad sorted.

A major shake up isn’t needed, just a few additions here and there.