AS one-time footballing saint Ryan Giggs has found out to his cost this week, opinions can be changed very quickly in the fast-moving world of the Premier League.

One minute you are loved, the next you are loathed, as every move made by the game’s elite is seen as fair game for the media, pundits and public to play judge and jury.

Blackburn Rovers’ controversial owners Venky’s are newcomers to this crazy world, having only bought the club back in November in a bid to spread their brand globally.

Before that they were simply very successful business people in India and so, in hindsight, it should be no surprise they were unprepared for their step into the spotlight. Mistakes were only to be expected.

The Indian poultry giants wanted headlines and it was headlines they got as they exploded on to the scene with a series of bold statements and promises. They probably wish they had kept their mouths shut.

The fiasco of their ‘attempts’ to sign the likes of Ronaldinho and David Beckham in January went down as well as the word ‘Twitter’ has in the Giggs household, as did their strange decision to sack respected boss Sam Allardyce.

They knew the Premier League was big business but they can have had no clue about the storm their early reign was to create in England’s top flight.

They know now.

A few months into their regime and you couldn’t have blamed them for just wanting to give up.

They were under fire from all quarters and were the butt of jokes for anyone not associated with Blackburn Rovers.

I was as critical as some at times, criticisms that I still stand by, but you get the feeling Venky’s became villains just for the sake of it. They were easy targets for the watching world.

Suddenly as quickly as the storm clouds gathered, they seem to be slowly breaking up.

A final day win at Wolves, Premier League safety, food vouchers and incredible value season tickets once more – it has been a rare good week for Venky’s.

You can sense the mood thawing among the supporters as they wait and see what the summer has in store.

They don’t yet love their owners but they are getting there.

Let us not get carried away. Popularity can slump as quickly as it rises but, a few good signings this summer, and Venky’s will quickly be made to feel right at home at Ewood.

I never thought I would be saying that just a few weeks ago.