ANYONE else fed up of seeing Blackburn Rovers be disrespected from all sections of the footballing world? I know I am.

Fair enough, some people don't like what the club's new owners Venky's have done at Rovers over the last few months.

Some people say the sacking of Sam Allardyce was shocking, some say the subsequent appointment of Steve Kean was baffling.

Many people have accused Venky's of strange decisions and of taking some very bad advice in their first forray into club ownership.

I'm not going to argue with any of that. Far from it.

What I am going to argue with is the growing opinion that Rovers somehow deserve to be in the Championship next season.

I'm fed up of reading countless comment pieces telling us why 'no one would shed a tear if Rovers go down', because frankly that is absolute rubbish.

Try telling the tens of thousands of loyal fans that, or the hundreds of good people behind the scenes at Ewood whose lives would change if the worst happened.

There would be many a tear shed if Rovers didn't survive in the Premier League and perhaps a few pundits, journalists and ex-professionals should treat the club with a little bit more respect.

Blackburn Rovers remain one of only four clubs ever to have won the Premier League title.

They have only missed two Premier League seasons and, for the majority, have led the way in terms of battling the financial odds.

Of course things have changed under new ownership and there remain a number of questions still to be answered.

People are right to be concerned about events over the last few months but 'Blackburn Rovers - the club' don't deserve the hatred that seems to be coming their way.

You could argue Venky's can't complain too much if Rovers go down as they have brought it on themselves.

But you can't argue the fans, the staff or the players deserve such a fate.

To do is just a complete lack of respect for a proud club experiencing a tough time.