SATURDAY 3pm, the traditional home of football matches.

Okay, Premier League games have all manner of weird and not so wonderful starts in this TV age.

But non-league football is still, certainly at the lower end of the Pyramid, traditional with that 3pm kick-off.

That is when the fans know the game is taking place.

They don’t need to check the fixture schedules before they set off. Aside that is from this Saturday.

There is a whole host of different start times – and that is all down to the plain stupid decision for the Wales v England Euro 2012 qualifier to kick off at 3pm.

That is a huge game. An international local derby. We all know a Welshman, we all want the bragging rights.

But why oh why should that game start at the same time as non-league football and amateur games up and down the land.

The international should be played on Friday or Saturday night then everyone can watch it.

It should not be played the one time that directly affects the majority of people who go along to games.