THE events over the last week at Rossendale United are certainly showing the problems and pressures associated with non-league football in the pyramid.

People don’t realise just what running a club entails – and there is responsibility for the club owners to step up to the plate.

But equally managers and volunteers have to carry out the menial tasks as well.

This ain’t Old Trafford and the riches of the Premier League...the grim reality of lower non-league football means that any jobs that need doing have to be carried out by volunteers.

And if there are no volunteers or other eager workers then the club has no chance of survival.

It’s funny at times like this how so many people populate internet message boards and the like and say that a club can’t go bust because there is too much support and tradition and someone needs to put their hand in their pocket.

The simple fact is that unless the people on the forums get off their backside and back their club then there is no future.