BLACKBURN Rovers fans should get used to being linked with some of the world's biggest names, with Kaka and Robinho the latest to be linked to Ewood Park.

Other outlets have already jumped on the bandwagon and used the latest national report as a stick to beat Rovers' owners with - ridiculing Venky's so-called 'unrealistic expectations'.

Let's remember though, this latest bit of publicity has not been driven by the owners, in fact it is quite the opposite with Venkatesh Rao distancing them from such a move in a phone call with the Lancashire Telegraph last night.

It is no secret that they are determined to land a big name in the summer, with South America the likely destination for their search as they look to spread the Venky's brand.

This though will bring constant speculation. Pick a Brazilian or Argentine star and link him with summer move to Ewood. Job done for a tabloid.

There is no doubt the owners are busy in trying to raise the club's profile with a landmark signing. A long list has been drawn up and contact will have been made with many agents and representatives.

It is important though not to read too much into the lists of names that will be linked between now and the summer. Some might be true, but the majority won't be.

Besides what would have been the harm even if the Raos had contacted Kaka's people. The worst that could happen was they would say no.

Their bid for Ronaldinho was not handled well but give Venky's credit where credit is due. Their PR has improved greatly since then.

The jury will still be out for some supporters but no one should criticise them for things they haven't even said.