SAM Allardyce has warned the footballing world ‘Blackburn Rovers are not rich yet’ as he looks to solve his side’s ‘glaring’ weaknesses in front of goal on a limited budget.

The Rovers boss spoke with cautious excitement about the potential of Indian tycoon Ahsan Ali Syed pumping hundreds of millions into the club, but insists the next couple of weeks will very much be a case of ‘business as usual’.

Allardyce revealed chairman John Williams has told him it will prove “almost impossible” to complete a takeover before the end of August, but he fears the recent media frenzy could complicate his immediate efforts in the transfer market.

He was quick though to remind players, agents and clubs alike nothing has changed in their current financial situation and warned they still can’t afford to pay over the odds in their striker search.

He said: “The danger for me is people start thinking we have all this money available now. I have been told we could get the deal done no sooner than probably the end of September.

“Quite simply we can’t pay more money for players at the moment, it just can’t be done. At the moment we work only from what we can afford.

“Our options change on a day to day basis at this stage of the season. Suddenly a player you couldn’t afford before becomes affordable FROM BACK PAGE because his club is looking to bring in their own targets.

“Whether there is takeover or not, it is a very, very important area for us. The glaring problem that was with us last season is with us again at the start of this season. If we can improve by finding a player that has those finishing techniques in his locker then that is going to make us all the better.”

Ali Syed’s long-term vision for Rovers future though has filled supporters with excitement and Allardyce believes they are right to be optimistic for what could be about to happen.

He insists though even if Mr Ali Syed delivered with his promises of a £100m transfer kitty injection, as part of a longer term £300m investment, Rovers would have to take a gradual approach.

He said: “That would be something we would need a considerable amount of time to put together. We have been planning for this year on the money we have generated ourselves and huge amounts of time and effort go into that budgeting and that spending.

“If that all changes you have to realign and refocus on the way forward and not just jump into it with two feet. Then hopefully those plans will come to fruition with the extra money and you get better and better.

“I think we are trying not to get too carried away. I would have to persuade the new owners to do it slowly. You can’t try and turn a club round too quickly.”

Allardyce knows a drastic change in Rovers’ financial situation would lead to them being linked with a host of bigger names as they like to get back into European football.

Ali Syed has already gone on record as stating his admiration for David Beckham and the Rovers boss would relish the challenge of attracting big names to Blackburn.

He said: “For me the challenge would be in persuading a player you are going to spend a lot of money on to come to Blackburn Rovers and I have to do the selling job that this club could be going into Europe or into the Champions League.

“I am a good salesman though because I managed to do that with Nicolas Anelka, Diouf, Jay Jay Okocha, Fernando Hierro, Djorkaeff, Stelios. So if you want a track record there it is.”