“THE Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.”

The much-heralded breakthrough for the Liberal Democrats may have proven a false dawn but Sunday confirmed that the recent Rovers surge was not a flash in the pan.

While Blackburn’s excellent away win at Aston Villa, thus completing a league double over the sixth-placed team, was but a footnote on a day when the title was the main event, it meant that with the help of other results we cemented that 10th spot to finish in the top half of the table.

Following on from an equally impressive last home victory against Arsenal, it put a double A stamp on a campaign that not so long ago had seemed odds on to promise only a relegation scrap.

Our half century of points is nine more than last season when we ended up 15th and represents real progress under Sam Allardyce’s management.

Yes, there are still those who cannot bring themselves to give credit where it is due, because they see themselves as purists and complain that Big Sam’s style is not what they want.

They may wish to take heed of the fact that Rovers’ crowds have increased by eight per cent this season. That is the highest in the Premier League.

Whether the ‘purists’ like it or not, it seems fans like to watch a winning team and more often than not that’s what Sam’s served up at home.

As John Williams has often reminded us, it gets increasingly harder in this league just to stand still, but nine consecutive seasons in the Premier League, the longest stay in the top division in Rovers’ recent history, marks us out as an established top flight side. For a town team with a limited budget, that is nothing short of miraculous.

The real plus point of this season has been the emergence of a set of young players (with hopefully two more to be added from the Villa win), which bodes well for the future.

This is the only way that our club can compete in the money mad Premier League, by producing or discovering young talent and yes having to sell on occasions if they ‘outgrow’ the club.

We must be realistic about what we define as success. With our resources a top half finish and a semi final appearance in a cup is at least as commendable as Manchester City’s fifth spot, or even Spurs securing a Champions League place.

So let’s be proud of our club, its players, manager and board and, oh yes, you, its fans.

I sincerely hope even more fans will take advantage of possibly the third cheapest season tickets in the country to follow the 10th best team in the land.

Have a great summer, enjoy the World Cup, cheer on England, Australia and New Zealand, and see you back in August, God willing.