BURNLEY bowed out of the Premier League with their eighth win of the season – but it might not be enough to save Brian Laws’ job.

Fans’ used the last game of the 2009/10 campaign to voice their discontent about having the former Sheffield Wednesday boss at the helm, and chairman Barry Kilby is due to have talks with the manager in the next few days.

Rumours of a clause in Laws’ contract that he would face dismissal if the Clarets failed to reach 29 points have never been confirmed or denied.

Burnley hit 30 points by beating Spurs yesterday.

But even turning around a 2-0 deficit to clinch the game 4-2 – a result which led to them ending the season in 18th place with a £800,000 bonus – wasn’t enough to change supporters’ minds.

Some applauded Spurs’ fans when they directed a chant of “You’re getting sacked in the morning” at Laws in the first half and booed the 48-year-old at the final whistle, and in the early part of the team’s ‘lap of appreciation’ at the end.

When asked about the fans’ reaction, Laws said: “Supporters generally let you know if you’re not winning games and if your performances aren’t quite up to scratch.

“They were on our back, particularly mine maybe because we’ve gone down and the performance really didn’t bode well for us (in the first half).

“But in the second half we showed the character and that the players are right behind the management and everybody in the football club to produce good football.

"When we can produce good football it’s exciting, it’s attractive and certainly the supporters will want to see more of the second half.”

And Laws admitted that the result made it tempting to wonder ‘what might have been’.

“Everybody’s going to have what ifs,” he said.

“I can count on one hand the games in particular that I’ve been disappointed with because I feel we should have not just drawn them but won them.

“With just a couple of wins under our belt, you never know, the circumstances might have changed. But you can’t live of what ifs. The reality is we didn’t achieve it.

“We’ve had a great taste of the Premier League - it’s the best league in the world with the best players in the world and everybody wants to be part of it. The supporters want to be part of it because they’re seeing real quality.

“Spurs had fantastic quality out there, and on our day we can play well and do well against teams like that. But there weren’t enough of those days.”

Laws added: “We’ve missed out on a few occasions when we should have won the games.

"I’m sure, in the summer, when we reflect and look back will pick out certain games where we threw away good opportunities.

“In the end I suppose we got what we deserved because we didn’t win enough games, but certainly that performance shows the ability we have at the football club and if we mirrored that on a regular basis we would still be in there.

“But we’re not and we have to address it. But everybody’s had a taste of it and liked what it’s about.

"We’ll be better for it, certainly financially, and hopefully we can utilise the strength of the squad and add one or two more to it to help us regain that opportunity and get back into the Premier League.”