A LANCASHIRE Telegraph banner wishing Burnley good luck was last night flown over Turf Moor.

Pilot Alan Elliot, of Aerial Ads, was born in Manchester and is usually a supporter of last night’s visitors to Burnley.

But despite his Red Devils allegiances, it was the Clarets’ cause he was thinking about. Alan, 61, who set up his company last year with 25 years’ flying experience, said: “I would like to see Burnley do well this year.

“Then hopefully they will think the banner is a good luck charm and we will get a bit more work.”

Last night, thousands of fans in Burnley town centre before kick-off saw Alan’s plane and the banner saying: “Go Clarets – Lancashire Telegraph’.

Alan had taken off from Blackpool Airport at around 5.30pm in order to get over Burnley for 6.15pm.

Then after an hour floating over East Lancashire, he returned to Blackpool to come back down to earth. And after a year of putting flying banners through the air, Alan said Aerial Ads has proved a big success.

He said: “We have done quite a lot of football matches, simply because of the large attendances.

“It is all about getting the message across to as many people as possible.”

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