WHAT can you buy for £199? A Blackburn Rovers season ticket for the 2009/10 campaign, that’s for sure, but not much else in the inflated world of modern day English football.

While Rovers have announced ground-breaking new prices for next season, which work out at just £10.47 per match, other clubs are hailing reductions that still leave their prices extortionate in comparison.

Indeed, go through the prices among the 92 clubs and, incredibly, very few are cheaper than Rovers.

No top flight club will come anywhere near unless Burnley gain promotion, which would mean existing season ticket holders gaining free renewals under the ‘Premier League Pledge’.

A season ticket at Championship club Bristol City ranges between £375 and £455, Sheffield Wednesday between £370 and £520.

Barrow fans had to pay £225 in 2008/09 for a terrace season ticket to see a Blue Square Premier battle at their less than luxurious Holker Street ground.

Even ignoring corporate facilties, if you simply wanted the best view at the Emirates to see Arsenal play one category A fixture, £199 would only buy two tickets.

Player wages are unlikely to come down, though, and Rovers would have to sell 37,584 season tickets if they wanted to pay for a year of Kaka’s alleged wages of £143,438 a week.

If you’re an MP, of course, you can pay for the clearing of your moat, the tuning of a piano, an electric massage chair and a Kit Kat and still have £199 to spare, providing it’s on expenses.

For the average person, £199 would buy 192 litres of diesel.

Premier League 2009/10 season ticket prices

ARSENAL £855 - £1,825
ASTON VILLA £295-£510
BIRMINGHAM £315.50-£505.50
BOLTON TBC, 2008/09 £389-£499
CHELSEA £520-£1,125
EVERTON £443-£586
FULHAM £285-£799
LIVERPOOL £650-£700
MAN CITY £369-£508
MAN UTD £513-£931
PORTSMOUTH £500-£650
STOKE £399-£599
TOTTENHAM £635-£1,675
WEST HAM £570-£810
WIGAN £250-£295
WOLVES £493-£630

And the possibles...

HULL £385-£450
NEWCASTLE £300-£598
SUNDERLAND £350-£465
SHEFF UTD £349-£449
BURNLEY: Free for renewals, otherwise £378-£462