Football finance expert Kieran Maguire believes Blackburn Rovers could be worse off if Venky's sold the club.

Blackburn Rovers' owners are unpopular amongst much of the Ewood Park fan base, with chants against the board this season on several occasions.

Issues in India have caused further complications for Rovers throughout the last 12 months, with Venky's global company under investigation. That has limited the funding they have been permitted to transfer for Rovers.

Despite the unrest, the owners have continued to write cheques to support the club. Rovers lose around £20million per year on average which has mainly been absorbed by Venky's, who have lost more than £200m since acquiring the club.

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The biggest question around their ownership remains: why?

Maguire doesn't have any immediate concerns about Rovers' financial health and actually believes that if Venky's sold the club, it may not be in Blackburn's best interest due to the financial hole they fill.

"Blackburn and Venky's, we have this conversation every year, nobody knows why they're doing it," Maguire told Benjamin Bloom.

"They haven't attended a match at Ewood Park for around a decade. Do they have challenges in India? Yes, they do but the club still seems to be paying the bills on a month-by-month basis.

"What the long-term ambition for Blackburn Rovers are is open to question. My worry for Blackburn is that if you replace Venky's with someone else, are they going to be willing to put £1million in a month into essentially subsiding the club?

"It looks like a delicate position with Sam Szmodics. There will be people sniffing around in the Championship and elsewhere."