HOLLY Bradshaw says the baton has already been passed on to her GB teammate Molly Caudery as she prepares for retirement - hopefully bowing out at the Paris Olympics.

It was a disappointing return to the big stage for the Chorley pole vaulter who failed to reach the European Championship final in Rome after suffering a back spasm in training the previous day.

Caudery, who was crowned indoor world champion earlier in the year, went on to win silver medal and is now a favourite for a podium spot in Paris this summer.

Bradshaw, who is a member of Blackburn Harriers, will now be waiting to see if she is included in the GB team as she looks to compete in her fourth Olympic Games.

In Rome, Bradshaw failed to clear 4.25m three times in an attempt to reach the final and said: “I hated every second of it. It sucked.”

Bradshaw is already looking to a future beyond athletics and has already stated that she wants to start a family with husband Paul.

And she admits, those future plans are having an impact on the present.

“As I’m coming to the end of my career I’m having thoughts like what if I really hurt myself, what if I hurt my back and I can’t play with my kids,” she told Mirror Sport. “I’m trying not to live in the minute, I’m looking at the bigger picture.”

While Caudery missed out on expected gold in Rome, Bradshaw believes there are big things to come from the 24-year-old - and said she was delighted to pass the baton on to her.

“The way I see it is that Molls has taken the baton from me,” Bradshaw said.

“I don’t necessarily think that I’m competing against Moll now - I think she’s taken a step on and she’s super consistent.”

Bradshaw, who was Team GB’s first ever pole vault medal win after winning bronze in Tokyo said she is happy to be able to watch Caudery flourish.

“I’ve been behind the scenes with her for so many years and that capability has always been there,” she said. “It’s just been a matter of can she bring it out? Molly is one of the sweetest, kindest people out there.

“And if I could pass the baton on to anyone, I’d want it to be her. I want to see her go on and be a world beater, which I know she can be.

“It’s great to be able to do a season alongside her and watch her flourish.”