Blackburn Rovers unveiled their new Loyalty Points Scheme as part of their Season Ticket announcement this week.

Rovers will now prioritise demand matches via this new system, designed to reward supporters for their loyalty and commitment to the club.

For matches with limited allocations such as away matches, this new tiered system will dictate when fans can purchase their tickets. With Burnley coming back into the Championship next season, this is a prime example of a fixture where Loyalty Points will be necessary.

Whilst this system has been implemented for the 2024/25 season, points are on a two-year rolling basis and so the same criteria for points has been applied for the 2023/24 campaign too.

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Men's Season Ticket Holders get 120 points off the bat, with Women's receiving 110. 16-game packages get 90 points with half-season tickets earning 60.

Five-game packages, such as the 'final five' at the end of the campaign, will be awarded 30 points. Supporters will get the same number of points for each ticket in the 2024/25 season too.

In regards to individual matches, Men and Women's home games receive five points. Men's away matches are worth three points, with FA or Carabao Cup games, which are often less desired, earning six points.

Those who attend Under-21 games receive two points, with match bundles earning seven. 

Rovers are also rewarding fans with Loyalty Points for engaging in other areas of the club. Memberships, such as 1875, Junior, Young, Baby or Blues, earn 25 points.

Hospitality Season Tickets received 150 points whilst individual hospitality match tickets are 15.

All fans must be logged into their Rovers accounts to have their points allocated. If purchasing multiple tickets, you must have each supporter’s client reference number to ensure they also get their points.