Rovers have issued a statement backing the new Football Governance Bill, which was introduced to Parliament today (Tuesday).

EFL chairman Rick Parry believes it is an “important milestone to help us secure the long-term financial sustainability of England’s football pyramid”.

Rovers CEO Steve Waggott said: “Blackburn Rovers welcomes the arrival of the Football Governance Bill to Parliament in what we all hope will be an important milestone to help secure the long-term financial sustainability of England’s football pyramid.

“We have been long-time supporters of the bill, attending meetings with the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and being actively involved in other related discussions and events. 

“I would also like to thank Kate Hollern, MP for Blackburn, who has been tremendously supportive and has assisted, along with many others, in getting the Bill to Parliament.  

“The establishment of the independent football regulator (IFR) should be at the very heart of this reform as it is essential that football has a strong independent regulator with the appropriate powers to deliver the required financial redistributions going forward.

"Safeguarding the future of football clubs and ensuring we have a financially robust pyramid are the key issues that must be quickly addressed. 

“The Government stating its commitment to the State of the Game Review will be key to providing the basis for the Independent Regulator’s work in making the game financially sustainable.”

A key point is the regulator being given “backstop powers” to impose a financial settlement on the Premier League and EFL.

Top flight clubs met last week but were unable to agree on a proposed settlement, which would have injected £925million into the EFL over six years.

“It was disappointing that the Premier League did not come up with a proposed offer as promised for EFL clubs in their last meeting, but with the introduction of the IFR, it is widely expected that the appointed person will hold similar views in that redistributions of broadcasting fees is long overdue and we need to implement a deal that will make all clubs and the pyramid stronger,” Waggott continued.

“At Blackburn Rovers, we already have established relationships with many supporter groups, which includes We Are The Rovers Supporters Trust, via a Memorandum of Understanding.

“Club representatives meet regularly with the Fans Forum, which includes members from Blackburn Rovers Independent Disabled Supporter Group, Proud Rovers, Her Game Too and Rovers South Asian Supporter Group.

“We will aim to continue to expand this engagement further and involve other formally established supporters groups to ensure continued dialogue between the club and its supporters.”