Stanley boss John Coleman admitted his side were second-best at Walsall - but felt they were unlucky with a couple of major decisions.

Jack Nolan put the Reds ahead against his former club, but the Saddlers hit back through on-loan defenders David Okagbue and Emmanuel Adegboyega from corners.

Liam Gordon also felt his deflected cross in the first half had crossed the line before Lewis Shipley hacked it away.

“The disappointing fact is we’ve conceded from two identical corners and it’s two fouls on the keeper,” said Coleman.

“On the balance they made more chances than us, we were hanging on at times, they missed a couple of sitters and you think it’s going to be your night.

“But that’s about the fifth time we’ve been leading with about 25 minutes to go away from home and not won, which is disappointing.

“I’m not making excuses as Walsall deserved to win but we deserved a level playing field – what wasn’t a foul for us was a foul for them, there was just no balance, it got painful to watch.

“But with how many injuries we’ve had, the fact we’re still competing against an in-form team shows how hard our lads work – I can’t knock their effort.

“We’ve got 18 fit players – injuries are an occupational hazard but it’s an unusual amount. If you take the top seven or eight earners out of any team, it’s a massive setback.”