Former Blackburn Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has not ruled out a return to the club one day with Jon Dahl Tomasson set to leave the club.

John Eustace will be the next Rovers boss, taking the reigns from Tomasson. Neither Tomasson's exit nor Eustace's appointment have been officially announced ahead of facing Stoke City on Saturday.

That is a formality though with paperwork set to be signed. Eustace could be in the dugout at Ewood Park tomorrow if the timings align.

Speaking about the turmoil at Rovers this week, Allardyce admitted he'd 'never say never' about a return to his former club. The 69-year-old has been out of work since a four-game interim spell at Leeds United last season, where he was unable to prevent them from being relegated.

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"Blackburn, there's always the possibility, always (of going back), he told the No Tippy Tappy Football podcast.

"It's not just about the Venky's, it's about the structure of the football club. Are they staying, are they going?

"It appears back in their homeland, they are under lots of financial restrictions. Any money coming into Blackburn has stopped apparently, they have to live on their own income.

"That will be very difficult if the club wants to get in the play-offs now, that would be a major achievement. Or trying to get in the Premier League.

"I am always interested in a club that's willing to go to where it needs to go to get back into the Premier League. Yes, I'd take a dabble in the Championship again.

"I really enjoyed my time at Blackburn. I was bitterly, bitterly disappointed when I got sacked. I couldn't believe it."

Allardyce was sacked by Venky's in 2010 after a 2-1 defeat to Bolton Wanderers, with the club 13th in the Premier League table at the time.