Here's how The Lancashire Telegraph scored the players' performances, with a six representing par for the course.

Aynsley Pears - 8

Powerless with either goal and very unfortunate with the first, which bounced off the post, hit him and went in. Made some good saves and was proactive off his line.

Joe Rankin-Costello - 7

Tried to make things happen as he drifted inside and forward from right-back. Was beaten by Chair in the build-up to the opener.

Dom Hyam - 5

Defended Sinclair Armstrong well in the first half but second half he grew into the match. First goal was unfortunate but the defence as a whole will be disappointed with the second.

Scott Wharton - 5

Didn't spot the run of Hodge, who came from behind him to score. Distribution was good, at times, and he defended the box well aerially.

Ben Chrisene - 5

Should have hit the target after creating the best opening of the first half for Rovers. Looked dangerous on the overlap but spent a lot of time inverted infield.

Sondre Tronstad - 5

Tried to break the lines and start attacks from the middle. Some came off, others didn't.

Andrew Moran - 5

Started ok in a more central role but gave the ball away too often. 

Tyrhys Dolan - 6

Tried to make things happen down the right and looked most likely to combine with JRC for a chance. Taken off after an hour as he builds up fitness.

Sam Szmodics - 6

A much quieter day for Rovers' top-scorer. Didn't see much of the ball and didn't have much sight of the goal.

Arnor Sigurdsson - 5

Didn't offer enough of a threat down the left. Struggling for consistency in his performances.

Sam Gallagher - 6

Played as a focal point and scored a scruffy goal to get Rovers back into the game, fired through the goalkeeper.


Yasin Ayari (Dolan, 67') - 6

Came on in midfield and saw a bit more of the ball.

Dilan Markanday (Sigurdsson, 67') - 6

A few decent crosses from the right after coming on.

Semir Telalovic (Szmodics, 85') - N/A

On for what turned out to be 15 minutes. Had one chance towards the end but it went over.

Unused substitutes: Wahlstedt, McFadzean, O'Riordan, Koumieto, Garrett, Fleck.

Referee: Geoff Eltringham

Attendance: 12,888