An East Lancashire football club has come under fire from rival fans after increasing the ticket cost for three of its fixtures this season.

Accrington Stanley said the price increase for its League Two fixtures against Bradford City, Notts County, and Tranmere Rovers comes following an agreement with Lancashire Police and the club’s safety advisory group.

The club say this is to cover the costs for increased matchday policing and spectator safety costs.

However, fans of the three affected clubs have accused Stanley of being dishonest with its reasoning, and feel the club is attempting to reap the benefits of larger crowds coming to the Wham Stadium.

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One Notts County fan who spoke to the Lancashire Telegraph said: "As a Notts fan living in the North West, I look forward each year to ticking off away days in the area. 

"However, to be forced to pay an inflated rate of £20 or £25 to go to Accrington just because we bring more fans than other sides is stupid. 

"I understand that all football clubs have overheads and times are tough, but why pass the buck onto travelling fans who, especially with Nottingham-based Notts fans, have had to spend considerable money to get there in the first place. 

"I would urge Accrington to rethink this policy."

One Bradford City fan said on X (Twitter): “Sure, blame it on ‘safety costs'.

"You can be honest, you know? Just admit that you’re trying to cash in on the three clubs that will bring a decent following.”

The Bantams have the highest average attendance in League Two and are arguably the 'biggest' club in the division, while Notts County are gunning for promotion and have the second highest average gate in the league.

Another said: “£25 to stand on an open terrace? No thanks, which is a shame as Accrington as an away game is a good one.

"Announcing this days after we charged your fans £20 to sit in a covered stand pitchside.”

The issue comes a few weeks after Stanley and its chair, Andy Holt, became involved in an online dispute over the pricing for the fixture against Wrexham, owned by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Stanley raised the prices by £5 for both sets of fans ahead of the game, which prompted Wrexham to announce a price decrease of £5 when Accrington played the away fixture in North Wales in March next year.

This angered Holt, who took to X to slam their opponents, saying: “When costs are already high, Wrexham, the last thing football needs is stupid, mistimed statements.”

At that time, Holt said policing bills and stewarding costs meant the game needed a price increase – the same reasoning given for these three fixtures.

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Accrington Stanley was approached for comment on the matter, but did not respond.

Their fixture against Bradford will be on March 9, 2024; the match against Notts County is on March 16, 2024; and the Tranmere match in on April 27, 2024.

Stanley currently sit ninth in the League Two table, with their last game being a 4-3 defeat at home to Swindon Town, as they aim to bounce back and earn promotion back up to League One.