A veterinarian from Lancashire will be part of a team rowing across the Atlantic to raise money for Meningitis Now and Get A-Head.

Anna Williams, 29, from Croston, was asked by organiser Rod Adlington to be part of a team of four rowers to cross the Atlantic.

"The Brightsides" will leave Lanzarote on January 3 and row unsupported and in continuous two hour shifts for 3,000 nautical miles to Antigua.

Anna said: "Rod has tried to make this a thing for a couple of years and I have actually come very late in the last few months as a reserve.

"I know the group from emailing Rod about his advert on Explorer's Connect for a reserve rower last year.

"I have been into river rowing for a couple of years, and rowed in South Wales for a couple of years after I did veterinary science at university and stayed there for work."

Inclement weather, marlin strikes, seasickness and salt sores are just some of the challenges that the crew will face on the ocean row that they hope to complete in around six weeks. 

Anna added: "It is coming quickly and only a couple of months away but I am super excited. 

"This is definitely the biggest rowing challenge I have had.

"I did a multi-date ultra marathon run in September but up until that point that was the biggest thing I had ever done in terms of scale, time we will be away and not being able to get off of the boat for 40 days.

"The boat is not very big either, it's about 28 foot long so it is totally unknown.

"Everyone at work thinks I am absolutely insane!"

The team are taking on the challenge as part of the Atlantic dash, an ocean rowing regatta that is one of the toughest endurance events in the world.

But the rowers, including Guy Minshull and Alex Perry, are also hoping to raise money for Meningitis Now and Get A-Head.