Burnley boss Vincent Kompany says talk is cheap and that he continually reminds his players what it takes to win in the Premier League.

The Clarets head to Newcastle on Saturday in search of their first top-flight victory since their runaway success in the Championship last season.

Kompany, who won 10 major trophies as a player at Manchester City, said: “I’ve learned the value of it through winning as well, through success.

“Success can be in many ways, it can be staying up for a club like Burnley, it could be winning the Champions League for the clubs at the top.

“I say it a lot to my players, I’ve heard everybody else talk about what it takes to win and it’s just words.

“But the behaviour you have to win, that’s something you can monitor, that’s something that gets you there, always.”

Kompany, whose side have taken one point from their first five league games, insists his players will get their rewards if they maintain a winning mentality on and off the pitch.

“The behaviour is consistency, high standards in everything you do, all the time,” the former Belgium defender said.

“Not the roller-coaster where you turn up a week later or two weeks later and say, ‘coach I’m sorry, I’ve had a bad month’ or ‘I’ve had a bad two weeks’.

“No, you can have a bad day, but the next morning you have the best day you’ve had this week.

“I’ve learned that through continuous success. We took it to the Championship last season and before we got promoted I said we’d take it into the Premier League as well.

“You keep doing it and you get to an interesting level. And you have to bank on the fact that others don’t do it.

“A lot of others will talk about winning, but never behave like it. And OK, we can be bottom of the league, but it lives here.”

Kompany acknowledged his side will face an in-form Newcastle, who trounced Sheffield United 8-0 last week before knocking holders City out of the Carabao Cup on Wednesday night.

“But there is something there for us in terms of having a good performance, hopefully a result as well,” he added.

“There’s not many away grounds that are harder than that ground and I’m really interested in seeing where the team is against that level of opponent, away from home especially.

“If you play well at St James’, it’s not just about playing well, we want the result like every other team, but if you can perform well at St James’ Park, you can perform anywhere in this league.”