Gregg Broughton has revealed finances were the deciding factor in Blackburn Rovers' failure to sign a second player on transfer deadline day.

Rovers secured the addition of Semir Telalovic by mid-day and were in talks to sign another player. That was a winger on loan, either Jesurun Rak-Sakyi or an unnamed Bundesliga winger.

However, the finances involved to buy Telalovic meant that a deal was not possible to do. Broughton insisted John Buckley's exit was not financially driven and would not have facilitated another loan signing.

The Rovers Director of Football told the BBC Football Daily podcast that three medicals were lined up ahead of deadline day. Those were James Hill, Telalovic and a Bundesliga right-winger.

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"In the end, the finances didn't allow that to get over the line," Broughton told The Lancashire Telegraph. "I think post-January we learned that you can't wait to have all the Is dotted and Ts crossed before you do a medical at the business end of the transfer window.

"It was a right-winger on loan from the Bundesliga. We knew the centre-forward bit of business would be late and at the end of the window we presented some options to Jon.

"At the front of the queue, there was an experienced centre-forward who would only ever be on loan from La Liga. Semir (Telalovic) was the permanent option from the Bundesliga.

"To balance that, we looked at some right-wingers, one was a young loan right-winger whose name is in the public domain (Rak-Sakyi). There was another right winger on loan from the Bundesliga, whose name isn't out there.

"John's deal was done in order to let him play games, it wasn't driven by the financials. The three medicals were James (Hill), Semir and then a winger."