CLARKE Carlisle has blamed Burnley's failed play-off push on an inability to live up to their capabilities this season.

A lack of consistency since the turn of the year has seen the Clarets slip from a point and a place outside of the top six to mid-table.

Carlisle, who is available for selection after completing a three-match ban for his late red card at Preston last month, admits it is a disappointing outcome to what seemed set to be a promising campaign, following pre-Christmas wins at Watford, Charlton and Wolves.

But although Burnley's play-off dream has fizzled out, as they go into this afternoon's game at Southampton seven points adrift from sixth spot, the 28-year-old has urged his team-mates to retain a must-win' mentality in the remaining three games as they look ahead to next season.

"Every man in the squad has an amount of pride to play for; no-one wants to be losing games and seeing the season peter out. So we'll be going to Southampton to get three points and make a platform to build on for next season," he said.

"It's not mathematically impossible to finish sixth, but looking very unlikely, so we've got to make sure we finish the season on a high because the teams who finish well one season tend to start well the next, so hopefully we can gain a bit of momentum.

"It's been a very disappointing season. We've spent the majority of the season around eighth - just on the periphery - and it's a different mindset playing catch-up, but it's sad to see the hope and ambition not realised.

"There's a fine line between success and failure. That's what we have to take on board.

"What we produced this season may have only taken an extra one per cent more per man to succeed, so we really need to remedy that and apply ourselves 110 per cent next season.

"It's almost as if we kind of showed ourselves what we're capable of at times this season. The victories we did get against Charlton, Watford, and West Brom before I came, will hopefully instil belief so that next season we're not going to places hoping we can win; we're going knowing we can win.

"I don't think, as a collective, we all did that together this season. There were too many weeks where we had too many players missing.

"There are players who've been on that even keel all season, like Wade Elliott and Graham Alexander, who you can depend on week in, week out. But amongst the rest of us we've been too inconsistent and we need to remedy that.

"We need to have a good look in the mirror and make sure that when we come back (next season) we've answered all the questions."

Carlisle, who was snapped up for £200,000 from Watford in August, added: "Personally, it's disappointing as well. It's such an anti-climax because for large part of the season we've been producing performances at times, and we've always been around and about the top six, but then it kind of just fizzled out like a damp squib.

"I'm really pleased that I got myself into the side and I've managed to play 30-odd games, playing pretty much week in, week out give or take suspensions and injury, but it's scant consolation for what's happened for us as a team.

"Personal success means nothing without team success.

"Next season, on a personal level, I want to be playing 50 games.

"But it's only worth something if, as a team, we're unsuccessful."