BLACKBURN Rovers fans outside Ewood Park gave a mixed reponse to David Bentley's admission with some saying it's a sign of decadent times while others defending his right to privacy.

Colin Heaney, 47, has supported Rovers all his life.

He said: "It's ridiculous how much money they make.

"They are alienating the fans. I remember when Rovers was a small club, this sort of thing puts people off coming."

Mark Wacey, 42, said: "I have always said that players should be wage capped and earn five or ten grand a week, no matter who they are."

Other fans disagreed and said that players should have a right to a private life.

Sham Patel, 23, said: "If they have the money then why can't spend it? It's their money at the end of the day, they can spend it how they like."

John Duckworth, 64 said: "It's lucky he stopped otherwise he would have spent it all!"

Some punters in Coral bookmakers in Blackburn said they weren't surprised by Bentley's admission.

Manchester United fan Nick Lawton, 34 said: "I know other Premiership footballers have had a gambling problem but I don't think it's is a major problem."

Another, Michael Ansboro, 63, said the lure of the gamble was sometimes too much to resist.

He said: "It's a grand feeling when you win. It can make your weekend."