Rovers head coach Jon Dahl Tomasson was keen to focus on his side’s ability in possession, rather than that of opponents Swansea, insisting: ‘it’s okay if we are good on the ball as well’.

Russell Martin’s side topped the Championship’s possession charts last season, averaging close to 64 per cent across their 46 league fixtures.

They enjoyed 74 per cent in their opening day draw with Rotherham United, and while Tomasson is aware of their possession-based play, he wasn’t getting overly caught up on the theory it means his side will be without the ball for almost the entirety of the game.

“I know they are a good team with the ball and possession-wise they are strong with lots of good movements,” he said.

“They are good at that. In modern football, you need to be flexible.

“Just because they are good with the ball, we are allowed to be good with the ball. It’s okay if we are good on the ball as well.”

Rovers were second-bottom in the Championship possession stats last season, and while Tomasson’s focus is on positive and high intensity play rather than simply moving the ball around, he sees no reason why they have to simply resort to playing on the counter-attack.

Their inability to make the most of some good opportunities on the break was one of his frustrations from the opening day win over QPR, believing the scoreline could have been more comfortable than the 1-0 margin had they taken great care with their transition play.

“There will be space to hurt them but space to play in when we have the ball,” he explained.

“It was 50-50 against QPR so we had the ball the same time.

“There were moments when we could have done much better. If you had done it better, we would have won 3-0.

“Those things are important, don’t run too much with the ball because you’re not quicker than the ball.

“We are working on those things. On the ball, I spoke to QPR people and they said the switches of play killed them.

“I think we could have done it even more. It’s making the right choices, doing the right thing.”

Rovers started life under Tomasson with a 1-0 win on the opening day, but while they came away with three points and a clean sheet, there are areas of their play the head coach feels can be improved.

He said: “Hopefully, everything is better from last time as well.

“We had a solid game against QPR. It was great to be at Ewood Park and we saw a team working hard for each other with passion and defending well.

“If you look at the statistics and expected goals, it was quite close but in everything else we were dominant. I think it was a deserved victory.”