Jon Dahl Tomasson is hoping to forge a connection with the club’s supporters who he feels can play a vital part in the success of his side.

Tomasson is excited by the prospect of leading Rovers for the first time against Queens Park Rangers on Saturday afternoon as the Championship season gets under way.

The head coach got a first taste of life at Ewood Park during Monday’s open training session, but he’s excited to take that up a notch when the season gets under way.

“Pre-season first of all is to become fit, to use the time on the pitch in regards our principles which we’ve done,” he said.

“Now it’s about having a good performance and getting a connection with our home crowd as well.

“We need to build that relationship with the supporters.

“It’s a fresh start, a new start, we need to build that connection, between the club and supporters.

“Because we all want one thing as supporters, players, club, fans, you want to bring all the people in the same direction and create an environment where we can be successful together.

“The fans are the soul of football in my head.

“We need to play for the fans and the fans need to play for us. That’s togetherness.”

Tomasson has stressed the importance of intensity in how he wants his side to play.

High-energy football is key to the head coach who says supporters should be given a team to be excited about.

He added: “I’m looking forward to getting started and that’s why we need to make the supporters proud, to show passion and of course this is a new team, a new start.

“Passion and patience, they go together in my head, and I think the supporters should expect something from us, that we always play for the club, at the same time we need the supporters to help the team always as well.

“It’s going to be exciting, it’s going to be nice, it gives me energy just talking about.

“We need to give something back, because supporters pay a lot of money.

“We need to give them a game which is interesting to watch, not boring.”

For Tomasson the new season is the start of a new chapter in the club’s history, one he aims to be a success, but one built on hard work.

He said: “We all want this chapter to be successful, players, staff, club, fans, we all want the best for this historic club.

“We need to go in the same direction, and it starts of course with hard work, then we can show we’re doing the best.

“Football, like life, is ups and downs, but it starts with hard work.”

  • Meanwhile, Rovers are approaching the 8,500 mark for season ticket sales.

A crowd of between 13,500 and 14,000 is expected for the opening day visit of QPR, with tickets still on sale.

The club are asking supporters to arrive early for the game, and to collect season tickets in advance if possible.