Jon Dahl Tomasson says Rovers can’t overlook the fact that the first seven Championship games come before the transfer window closes.

With only one new player through the door, Tomasson expects his squad to look very different when the transfer window closes on September 1 to the one that will face QPR on the opening weekend.

Because the squad isn’t complete, Tomasson won’t be making any pre-season predictions or outlining his expectations, though is excited by this weekend’s curtain raiser.

“First of all it’s about the club, the here and now. We shouldn’t forget those seven games,” Tomasson said.

“We have to focus on the right things, focus on the things you can change and those are the games we have coming up.

“This group has a lot of youngsters who are working very hard and are very clear about they like and what they want and I think we’re going in a good direction with that.”

Of his expectations, he said: “You can’t say that at the moment because a lot of players left us, we have at this moment one new player in Callum who did really well the other day.

“As a manager to say something like that would be very stupid and not realistic until we have a complete group.

“I think that’s the answer for this situation.”

Rovers have so far made one signing, with Brittain arriving from Barnsley on a permanent deal.

The club hope to make at least four more signings before the window closes, with Tomasson focused on adding more experience to his ranks. 

There is no truth in links of a move being close for Blackpool winger Josh Bowler, though Tomasson is happy with the progress the club are making with regards to incomings.

“Of course, I would never criticise the club, they are working very hard to get players in,” he added.

“We’re coming from a little bit behind because it’s new people, a new chapter, but they are working their socks off to get the right players in to the club.

“I’m sure we’ll be succeeding with that in the next weeks before the transfer window closes.

“As a manager you would want them in from the first day but that’s not the case and we deal with the situation and I think the team and squad will look different at the end of August.”

When the squad is complete Tomasson will then be able to give a clearer answer as to his expectations in terms of league finish.

But there are clear principles that the head coach wants to see from his side, irrespective of who takes to the pitch.

“That’s a question you can’t give a good answer to at the moment because we only have one new player in,” he said of his season aspirations.

“What I can give you a very good answer in is how I want the team to play, that’s an intense game without the ball because we want the ball back quickly.

“We want to be dominant without the ball, and dominant and creating chances with the ball and not playing the ball around, which is what I call the dots disease where you play the ball round and round.

“We know where the goal is, we know where we need to go.

“We need to work hard, team is number one, and I can say all of those things, you will see that and hopefully you will see the development of that and then I can give you a better answer of how the league should be.”

Tomasson has had a month to work with his squad and has been pleased with how they have taken on board the information from him and his coaching staff.

“I think they have bought into my plans. They are great lads, working very hard, which they should because it’s the best job in the world,” he said.

“They are working extremely work and I think there’s a good connection between the staff and the players.

“The players are the most important because they go out onto the pitch and we need to help them do the right things and it’s been some interesting weeks but the spirit is great and I’m enjoying it.”


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