Jon Dahl Tomasson has given presentations to Academy staff about how he wants things to look on the pitch.

The head coach believes that a set style throughout the Academy will help players of the future integrate into the first-team much quicker.

That is why Tomasson has spent time with staff at the Academy training centre at Brockhall outlining his principles of play.

Head of Academy Stuart Jones believes the appointments of director of football Gregg Broughton and Tomasson will be positive for staff and players within the Academy set-up.

Tomasson believes developing relationships with the staff is vital to allow for development, and he believes there is improvement in the coaches, as well as players.

Playing at a high intensity appears to be the vision of Tomasson’s side, one he has shared with the Academy staff and will likely be replicated throughout the youth sides, as well as the first-team.

Under-23s boss Mike Sheron has travelled with the first-team squad to Portugal where he will offer advice on the players coming through the ranks, with Ash Phillips, Sam Barnes, Adam Wharton, Jake Garrett and Harry Leonard among those looking to impress while away with the senior side.

Tomasson used his time prior to his work permit coming through to speak with staff at the club, but is open and encouraging of suggestions and input from others, having already looked to do away with the manager’s office in a bid for a more open-minded approach to working.

He said: “I must give a compliment to those people at the club, they have been working hard, investing in each other, being open to my ideas and also to be involved.

“We want to be dominant, with and without the ball, we want to create a game where people can expect things to happen, we need to score goals, create the environment that we want to play at a higher intensity than our opponent and how do we do that?

“That starts on the pitch with the young boys and we need to create a line from the Academy to the first-team.

“There are some good coaches at the Academy and we want to learn and we have had some good chats.

“The next time I want to get something back from them, for them to give me presentations, so we can get this working environment and improvement, because everyone can improve.

“I need to become better, people at the club need to become better and every day is a good opportunity to demand from your surroundings, but also to demand from yourself that you want to be better.”

Tomasson will work alongside Remy Reijnierse, his previous assistant at Malmo, while performance director Ben Rosen also worked with him at Malmo and the Danish national team.

David Lowe, Damien Johnson and Ben Benson were retained from the previous coaching set-up, with Tomasson grateful for their input on the current squad.

Tomasson has placed an emphasis on people, and has stressed that ‘team is number one’ under his management.

That will give opportunities for players and coaches to have their input, something he will encourage.

But away from football, Tomasson sees developing relationships as key, something he believes the trip to Portugal will have allowed for.

He added: “It’s extremely important to have that connection.

“It’s not just about what happens about the pitch, you need to know about their family situations, how is the person?

“I think it’s really important to be successful that we know about each other, that we know our weaknesses, it’s part of life, and investing in those people.”


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