We asked our Rovers fans jury for their thoughts on the appointment of Jon Dahl Tomasson, and the club’s month-long search for a new head coach.


The trouble with signing managers from abroad is that you need to be sure that they understand (and have contacts within) the English game. 

He will have to recruit players to replace the ones that leave and will probably l have to rely on the advice and wisdom of those around him.

That said he has experience of our football "culture" from his time playing at Newcastle and this should stand him in good stead.

We will have to give him time to "bed in". I'm not expecting any miracles as we blew our best chance last season and this season's squad may be radically different and probably inferior.

His track record and CV appear to be positive and presumably he performed well at interview so we wish him the best of luck because he surely will need it.

Having said all that the recruitment process has been sadly lacking and I'm sure players have become unsettled by the delays and the treatment of the previous manager. "Could do better B -"

Paul Yates


It's been fair to say there's been a lot of negativity and cynicism about the managerial process and understandably considering the delay, the managers that have passed us by, some unambitious names touted in the media and frankly, with past experiences in mind.

However, the appointment of Tomasson has brought considerable excitement, optimism and intrigue.

He's got a good pedigree with Swedish league titles, Champions League qualification and international experience. He also brings a wealth of experience as a player and a winning mentality at a top level, not to mention his tutorage under some top managers - Ancelotti and Dalglish to name just two.

The concern is the breadth of his managerial experience as his most notable success has come from his time at Malmo, who would be expected to challenge for the title and the brevity of his stay there - just short of two years.

In fairness though, credit must go to the patient and thorough process to bring in who many seem to think may be the right man rather than snatching at a household name on our doorstep.

I'm just excited to potentially tap into a foreign market rather than the links to the same players chased by the same clubs. It's nice to see some positivity and could be the fresh impetus that we need. 

Kelvin Wilkins



Due to the length of time and the apparent rigorous interviewing schedule the club has certainly not rushed into appointing JDT.

In my opinion I can't see him being here anywhere near the length of time at the club as Tony Mowbray was.  If he's not up to it, he will go and if he is a success, I fear he will move to a higher level.

Whatever happens I wish him all the best and hope he does a good job for us and he'll have my support for sure.

Andrew Robinson