We asked our fans’ jury: “What do you think has been the biggest factor behind Rovers picking up 30 points from 19 games?”


The form and performances of Blackburn Rovers this season will remain an eternal mystery that even the combined talents of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple could not solve. 

The abject capitulation to Fulham and then hard won victories over Sheffield and Peterborough defy explanation other than it could only happen to Rovers. Other teams operate logically and with some degree of predictability.

One can only assume that the midfield and attack are overpowering and compensating for the fragility of an ever-changing defensive sicknote formation.

The form of Brereton Diaz has to be a vital factor in the points tally and again why has he suddenly blossomed to the extent that he has after promising very little hitherto? Psychology raises its head somewhere!

Allied to this has been the form of the goalkeeper Kaminski, the tenacity of Travis, the creativity and pace of Dolan and not least the progress of the (underrated) mercurial Rothwell.

We are still punching way above our weight - but to use the incessant football players' cliche "long may it continue".

Paul Yates


I remember the season after we sold Alan Shearer - it was some of the best football I've seen Rovers play because everyone stepped up and took responsibility.

Adam Armstrong, like Shearer, was a focal point and dominant. His absence has allowed and encouraged everyone else more prominence and they've relished in that.

Brereton Diaz has obviously done that, but the likes of Rothwell, Buckley, Gallagher and Dolan have all taken their games to the next level too.

A particular mention should go to Darragh Lenihan who is having his best season yet, showing great consistency despite playing with a number of different defensive partners; he's really grown into a captain this year. 

Kelvin Wilkins


Belief in the youngsters is my opinion. The starting XI this season has been one of the youngest on average in recent times and the majority of them have stepped up to the challenge.

Since we dropped out of the top flight this season, as I see it, has very few quality teams in it and anyone can beat anyone bar Fulham, Bournemouth and maybe West Bromwich Albion.

Deduct those three clubs and the league table is wide open for the remaining 21 clubs, leaving three places in the play-offs for anyone else.

Brereton-Diaz has made a huge difference since his trips away with Chile and is finally proving why we paid the £6m for him over three years ago.

Twenty-seven games go to, let's see what we can achieve.

Andrew Robinson