We asked our fans’ jury: ‘Tony Mowbray said this Rovers side are deserving of the fans’ support, but only 9,140 attended the home win over Hull City. How much of a concern do you feel that is?’


It is very easy to lose fans but an almighty struggle to rekindle their interest. They find other things to do and remember their disappointments and bad experiences at previous matches.

Rovers recent history has been frustrating and left many dedicated followers feeling cheated when so many obvious on the field problems were not addressed.

However there is nothing like a winning team to rekindle interest and attract the disillusioned back to the fold. If Rovers could achieve consistent performances in and around the top six then we may see much better gates.

Also don't forget that Covid has not gone away. Do you really want to be in or close to a large crowd of individuals shouting and moaning for 90 minutes, vaccinated or not?

Paul Yates


It's a concern and it doesn't take a genius to have predicted this. Yes, the club needs to improve their finances from the Covid hangover, but many of the people of Blackburn do too.

Increasing prices in the way that they have puts unreasonable pressure on a lot of supporters.

I was particularly disappointed to see the free child ticket abolished - young children don't need much encouragement to turn their back on Blackburn Rovers for the bright lights of Liverpool or Manchester, yet buying for a family is now ridiculously expensive and we are losing potential season ticket holders of the future. 

Also with fans getting out of the habit of going to matches, more effort needed to be put into creative ideas and incentives to attend.

As they've already sold a handful of season tickets, their hands are tied so not to dishonour those that have put their hands deep in their pockets but they need to do something drastic to bring the people of Blackburn back to Ewood and reconnect with the fans because Tony Mowbray is right, this team deserves support, but the supporters also need support.

Kelvin Wilkins


It was the lowest league attendance at Ewood since August 1991 when Don Mackay was in charge so it's a huge worry to me. Okay, it was midweek, it was on TV, Hull didn't bring many, blah, blah, blah, but the players deserve better support as they are clearly hungry to play for the club.

Since the pandemic, people have got out of the habit of going to games at a lot of clubs, but it doesn't help when the Rovers charge the prices that they do. Like many towns we are working class and the pandemic has impacted people financially so what do Rovers do? Significantly put the ticket prices up.

The cheapest adult ticket was £25, and it was on TV, so the fans voted with their feet.

Andrew Robinson